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2021 Headshots!

At the end of last year I saw a friend's headshots on her social media and fell in love with those shots! I had to know who took them. Maxine Evans. I then found out that she was generously giving a massive discount to actors wanting new headshots, to support those whom she knew had lost a lot of income over the year with the pandemic <3

My shots were booked for this spring, and despite further lockdowns, she was assured that we could continue as part of our work. I was so excited to go there last week, to her home studio (which was all very covid safe).

Maxine is a wonderful person and we had a fabulous day together. It is a huge bonus that she is talented in photography too!

It didn't take long for her to return my chosen selection, and I am very happy to have them as my new headshots, which I believe offer good variety for securing potential work this year.


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