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2021 Starts with Some Bangs!

Film, Corporate and Theatre!

January has been full of unexpected positive events! Filming a fun short over Skype that was written by the very talented writer/actor Andy Chaplin; being cast in a quick turnaround corporate shoot where I got to film in beautiful studios in Surrey; and getting through the first few rounds of auditions to end up in the final shortlist for a summer theatre production, playing a fantastic character in a great play, and getting to spend a whole day enjoying a theatre audition workshop over zoom. (Fingers crossed for the casting and for the theatre to go ahead!)

I'm exceptionally thankful as this is not always the norm, but it has definitely been a great start to the year! I can just remain positive that further work will continue to follow as frequently. I still have some exciting pencilled projects and opportunities behind the scenes to look forward to - plus new headshots coming shortly - so watch this space!


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