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A General Update

This year has been crazy for everyone and unfortunately God The Play was put on hold (but I'm sure it will be even better when we do take to the boards as we have longer to plan for it!), but I've still been busy behind the scenes including a few auditions, castings, and writing a short film!

I left my previous agent earlier this autumn as I needed some time to self represent and the space to more easily balance auditions with everything else I've personally had going on, but I truly appreciate the agent's belief in me and effort in getting me seen despite this year. I also met a lot of great actors in that agency and wish everyone there all the best!

I've more recently joined a small boutique agency that's supportive of my current situation, and we all hope and expect 2021 to bring more positive experiences.

But despite having to take a tiny step back for the end of this year, I'm still meeting casting directors, delivering auditions and working on my short film project, with a few more pencilled filming projects lined up for next year which I'm excited about and looking forward to!

I really appreciate all my friends both inside and outside of the agency and all their support this season and beyond, as well as for all the casting directors and directors who have shown belief in me, and the supportive networking we all share digitally x

In the meantime, I've been working on giving my website an updated look and hope to re-launch it over the coming weeks!


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