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And Now My Time at Rose Bruford Comes to an End

What an amazing experience - this time I've had at this well-renown and highly respected performance college, which has now come to its end.

I first heard about this establishment many years ago whilst working in the marketing department of a large regional theatre for my University placement year, where young colleagues who were still at school were excitedly talking about trying to get an audition here (and elsewhere) for their further education. I was undertaking a Business Management degree at the time and did not think in a million years that a top accredited acting school was somewhere I would ever visit, let alone be a place where I would become a student!

I initially looked into attending Rose Bruford in 2014 when I found myself stuck in an office job, and remembered the overwhelming passion I'd discovered for acting towards the end of my degree back in 2007, having had the opportunity to do a workshop with a local producer in Bristol. At the time, I was so impassioned that I was ready to throw away my studies and pursue acting... but decided that as I was only a few months away from graduating I should do the sensible thing and wait. That wait turned from an initial anticipated couple of months, to several years. I looked into various options, and for various reasons decided that Rose Bruford would be the best one for me at the time; they were holding auditions still for that autumn's intake but I wasn't quite ready to go out on a limb to apply! Yet the seed was sewn - I was aware of my options, and the idea of discovering whether I still had that passion for acting within me and to get professionals' no-holding-back honest feedback on my ability, remained. In 2015 I again looked at the application process, enquired... and sat on giving my response as to which audition dates I could attend, as the idea of auditioning, which carries such huge vulnerability, was not an easy one to voluntarily turn into a reality. However, knowing that I would have to wait yet another year if I didn't respond in time, I made myself give them my preference of audition dates, then made myself go to the audition. Choosing to go out on that limb was the best decision I've ever made.

Two years later, I have grown in so many ways that I am not the person I was a few years ago. Acting training stripped me of barriers and insecurities and made me acknowledge and accept myself for who I was. How can you portray another character when you're not aware of and accepting of yourself?? My confidence in my acting ability has grown in response to my tutors' feedback and encouragement and through my experiences in performing. What was initially a tentative step into an exploration became a firm conviction that this would become my career.

With some invaluable training and experiences behind me, I am excited for the next stage of my acting-career journey - for a journey it is (there is no such thing as "fast-track" in this industry)! I have met amazing people on the course and made some great connections; I wait to see how their careers also grow - and hopefully work with again at some point, whilst also enjoying and valuing their continued friendship.

This week we performed in our end of course showcase, everyone displaying their talents and portraying a myriad of characters. I enjoyed working with my amazing scene partner Nicole Roberts, and loved partaking in the ensemble songs!

And now it's over... so here's to the next stage! Thank you Tony, Jade, Laurence and Andrea for your support and guidance; and to all the other amazing growing actors who were in my classes to make this time so enjoyable. The chapter of my time at Rose Bruford may have closed, but its impact will continue.


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