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Co-Producing and Co-Starring in "God"!

Exciting news! Almost a year ago I was acquainted with a local scriptwriter, Sasha Ravencroft. I read one of her scripts for her which I loved and we organised a rehearsed read with other actors to give her feedback. Afterwards, she said she would like for me to read a two person play that she had previously written called "God". I was happy to agree to read that, having seen what her other work was like. "God" wasn't quite in final draft yet though, so it wasn't until last month that the script came through. It was bloody amazing! Completely not what I had expected based on the title and whatever preconceptions of a play comes with that. We had, in fact, met for coffee in December and I asked her then to give me the overview of the play as, up to that point, I still knew nothing except the title; that's when I first knew a little bit about the characters and the arc of the story. But reading it was so exciting! Every time I re-read it still, I love it more and more.

I had met up with a beautiful man, Martin Cooper-Langham, in November who told me that he would love to perform on stage with me. It just so happened that the other person in "God" could be played by someone like Martin. Once I sent him the script, he totally fell in love with it too!

So here I am, excited to be co-producing "God" alongside Sasha and Martin, which will feature Martin and I as the actors in this brand-new, never-yet-been-seen play, but which has very positive feedback from those in the industry who have read the script.

Being on the production side means I finally get to utilise my business skill-set (which I normally have to ignore and go against as an actor - "Don't try to control or plan, let go and be instinctive! Obey and trust the director!" is what I heard at Rose Bruford!) and it is so good to apply my business skills in the industry that I love. Having matured and grown since my Rose Bruford days, it seems like the Universe has let me come full circle - walk away from my business nature to embrace creativity within the acting profession, to now be trusted to come back to it and multi-role as both business producer and instinctive creative actor! I'm loving both sides of this and realise I am very fortunate to have met Sasha and reconnected with Martin when I did. It seems like God is making "God" happen! (although it does contain irreverent humour, dialogue and subject matter).

Watch this space for further details of the production of this exciting new play................. :)


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