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Film Making Course Complete

I'm so thankful that in February I saw the advertisement for a 5 week film making course, happening locally to me, courtesy of Screen South. I was able to book a place and have had a very informative and enlightening time, working with industry professionals, teaching us various aspects of film making - from scriptwriting, directing, camera work, sound, lighting and editing.

I wanted to do this course partly because I wanted more awareness of what goes on behind the camera, which I gained. I know I would have only scratched the surface, but the little I did learn made me aware of how complex each aspect of the film making process is. I definitely believe it is helpful to have a more comprehensive understanding of what goes on, on set and behind the scenes, as an actor.

I also knew this would be very useful in helping me further develop my script into a short film, and I also looked forward to making connections with more people working (or working towards working) in the industry. I met some incredibly talented and lovely people, as well as gaining awareness of what is available locally and regionally to me in Kent!

The course also encouraged entry to the JAM on the Marsh Film Festival which Screen South is a part of, and there are a few ideas of what we could do...


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