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Filming for an Educational Video

Today I had the privilege to act for an educational video that's being made for psychotherapists, social workers, volunteers and anyone interested in working with people with autism.

I played Jayne, someone with autism, which wasn't something I had tried before! But as well as a great director and production team, the two lead psychotherapists from the commissioning organisation were there to give direction as well. When I found out about the role that I had been given, I was concerned to not portray something stereotypical and yet the character had a social worker and so would have some moderately displayed autism, so it was great to have the feedback on authenticity from the psychotherapists. Likewise, they knew that if I didn't portray someone with the appropriate level of autism for the scene in a believable way, their future viewers would not engage with the training, so it was great to have that extra support of direction and knowing when they were happy with the cut.


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