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Further Screen Acting Training at Pinewood Studios!

Back in April 2017, whilst doing some training at the BOVTS, I enjoyed meeting up with Jesse whose workshop had awakened me to the passion I had for acting back in 2007. She recommended that I look into training at Actors Studio which is based within Pinewood Studios. For various reasons, I didn't act on that advice right away... I kept thinking I wasn't yet ready, I needed new headshots, I needed a new figure, I didn't have time, etc etc. But I kept it in the back of my mind and every now and again checked out their website for what courses were happening.

At the end of 2018, at my earliest opportunity having had a busy year that was unfortunately too full of non-acting things beyond much of my control, I was determined to focus on prioritising my acting career and making room for it! I recorded some more material for my showreel, had my first audition in some time (despite being nervous having not acted for a while, the audition was a great experience that re-emphasised to me that I do have a talent to act), and booked on to a 10 week screen acting training course with Actors Studio, starting the first weekend of January 2019.

Entering that legendary place, with high security, was a great feeling of privilege. On my first visit, I got a little lost and wandered down a fascinating hall where many would have tread (and that I too will hopefully tread in an employed capacity one day). I was also naively looking out for a friend of mine who works on set-building at Pinewood but was informed by security that there are hundreds of people who work in that area, so very unlikely to see him! I'm sure I never even see half of the grounds, as I was restricted to being in the area I was training in. But even my cat got to be in a privileged place as he came with me a couple of times as I attended training en route to travelling between my home and my dad's.

The ten weeks of training I did was so good that when it ended in March, I immediately continued with the next ten week course which took me until now! There were great people on the course, some of whom also did the next course with me.

As well as learning about the specifics of screen acting, general acting tips were shared which was good to learn or be reminded of. I learnt about First Folio Shakespeare on this course, something that I hadn't come across before or much since!

Actors Studio regularly hold part time courses for professional actors' ongoing development, so I may well come back at a later date. I'm a member of Actors Centre in Covent Garden so also attend workshop training there in a variety of different subject matters - I think it's important to continually learn and refresh your knowledge and skillset. There are always more things to learn or ways to develop, and as many actors don't work constantly, it is a good way to keep acting between jobs.


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