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Morning Sunshine!

Yesterday I was contacted by the amazing actor/writer Andy Chaplin about filming a short over zoom, which he admitted writing with me in mind! I'm really happy as I tend to do gritty drama but also love comedy and he'd previously seen my ability as a comedic performer and saw my potential in this role.

He emailed me the script, I read it and loved it, learnt it, then today we filmed. We had so much fun! Although he directed it, he respected not asking anything too specific of me in the flirtatious section - but I got into character, we filmed, and Horny Kaz just came out on display!

Andy is submitting this to the Manchester Actors Platform 21 day competition, where people will be submitting 2 min 20 (max length) shorts based around a prop that MAP gave them and they have 21 days to write, film and edit. (Our short was based on a dirty oven glove.) However - Andy used this as a personal challenge to do this all within 24 hours! Hence the script arriving yesterday evening and the edited version being sent to me this evening.

Our short will be in the competition for various judges to view and vote for awards including Best Script and Best Actor, as well as open to the Public Vote. We will be shown alongside those who have spent weeks in writing and rewriting, and in the editing suite. But we're really proud of what we've achieved with Morning Sunshine over a recorded zoom call - the script is great and I trust our acting is appreciated by others.

If you would like to view it (and vote if you like what you see), please head to Either way, it's been great to explore more comedy and take part in this short film!


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