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New Location, New Beginnings

This last year has been great with various filming projects and making new connections and collaborations. I've been living in south Kent, with easy high-speed access to London, for a number of years. However, due to life events I'll be moving to the Midlands, via an interim stay in Gloucestershire with family.

I will miss living in Folkestone and all the people and opportunities there - but I'll still be in touch and have been reassured of a base there with friends for future visits and filming work.

I am looking forward to being in Gloucestershire for a time - with much closer access to filming locations and studios in Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham. Not to mention other filming that takes place in the Forest of Dean (on my doorstep), Cirencester, Bath, and various popular places in Somerset!

Having come from Gloucestershire, I will always have a base close to these locations for potential future filming. I will also be looking to move further up into the Midlands next year, where I've already investigated filming opportunities and networks in Leicester, Nottingham and Northampton - and began networking more in Birmingham.

New chapters, new opportunities 🙂


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