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STAGE COMBAT: Unarmed, Knife, Short Sword, Firearms

ACCENTS: Gloucestershire (native); English RP; Heightened RP; English South West; Liverpool; Scottish; South Wales; Irish South; General American; American Southern

RADIO: News-reading; plays

TV PRESENTING: Autocue experience; presenting to camera


DANCE: Good coordination to learn choreography and various styles quickly.  Some knowledge and experience of: Jive; Salsa; Waltz; Foxtrot; Rhumba; Merengue; Cha cha; Country Dancing


SINGING: Soprano; Choral; Ensemble


DRIVING: Full UK car licence, experienced and confident driver, adaptable to various styles and makes of cars or vans

MOTORBIKE: Full motorbike licence

HORSERIDING: Basic experience on small horses (up to canter)

AIR: Experienced passenger of helicopters, aeroplanes, microlights


ADMIN: Touch-typist; genuine MicroSoft PC user; Reception / Telephones / Call Centre

MASSAGE: Qualified massage therapist

CARE/NURSING: Experienced and trained auxiliary nurse / carer

BAR WORK: Bartender experience

DIY & BASIC ENGINEERING: Experience of solder iron, wire stripping, drill, hammer, painting

RETAIL: Sales Assistant / Till experience 


SPORTS: Abseiling; Bowling; Pool; Go-Karting

DBS: Full enhanced current DBS on the UK Government Update Service (clear)



Helen was born in Gloucestershire and now resides in Kent, less than an hour from central London and with good transport links to the rest of the country and to Europe.  She still has a base in Gloucestershire, within close proximity of Bristol and south Wales, as well as a base in Birmingham.

From a young age Helen enjoyed performing arts.  She took part in local pantomimes from the age of 8, performed a duet with her mother on a small local stage at the age of 9, and has been a member of various choirs as well as a small rock band over the years. She did a lot of creative writing as a child and throughout her teenage years.  Helen especially enjoyed dance growing up which she found easy to master, and set up and led a street dance troupe when she was 18.

As a teenager Helen put acting on hold; however, whilst at University she attended film sets as she undertook occasional work as a support artist, and also worked at a large regional theatre which inspired her to take acting workshops. She met the TV producer/director Jesse Malone at a workshop in Bristol and it was whilst working under Jesse that the overwhelming passion for acting ignited.  


Helen finished her Business Management degree soon after meeting Jesse and planned to pursue acting after graduation, but philanthropy put acting on hold yet again as she moved to Kent to help set up a charity which left no time to be involved in acting.  However, in 2015 Helen decided that it was time to focus on her passion and explore the feasibility of becoming an actor.  She was accepted on a two year Acting course at Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance in Sidcup and, with the encouragement of her tutors, made the decision to change her career and commit to pursuing acting professionally


Helen appreciates that the life experiences she has gained over the years before fully focusing on acting has enhanced both her character and her acting abilities, and that by starting her professional acting career in her 30s this has given her a firm foundation on which to build a long-lasting career.

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