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Appearing in.... Sex Cells!

I'm very excited to have been offered the role of Janice in Anna Longaretti's play "Sex Cells", working with The Roses Theatre. Working alongside a great cast of 5 and our production team, some of whom I already knew, I'm looking forward to being involved in this poignantly moving drama/comedy, staged at The Chapel Playhouse in London this October. I need to start learning a new accent for it!

Sex Cells – the basis for reproduction, the beginning of life and parenthood; but those same words verbally spoken implies a statement of commerce and capitalism. This clever play, written by Anna Longaretti, is full of such contrast. It is a play that explores life issues and in particular motherhood that is set within a sex toy call centre. The touching characters, all with their strengths, weaknesses and quirks, portray a myriad of life experiences – from Janice, the mother of five who is constantly giving to others at the expense of her self-identity, to Lily, the mature mother of one who struggles to maintain a relationship with those closest to her and hides her feelings under a layer of wise-cracks; and from carefree Tiffany who enjoys being childless and takes action to avoid motherhood, to Sylvie, an immigrant who feels alone despite the love around her and would do absolutely anything to be a mother. And amongst all of these women is their clueless manager, Mr C, who desperately tries to keep the peace in the workplace between his diverse staff and helplessly vies for the attention of one of them.


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