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Eating Popcorn has been Selected for Sydney & Melbourne Lift-Off Festival!

I am thrilled that the judges at Sydney & Melbourne Lift-Off Festival have selected EATING POPCORN to be in consideration for the 2023 awards! The film was submitted in both the "Best First-Time Filmmaker" and "Best Leading Actor" categories.

The Sydney Lift-Off festival is the launchpad for filmmakers from Australia, Asia-Pacific, and around the world! Building a better chance for all filmmakers to find global audiences and further their careers within the film industry. In this leg of The Season, Lift-Off Global Network showcases outstanding filmmaking talents during a month-long event comprising online screenings & in-person networking events.

Founded in 2011, the Lift-Off Network champions true indie filmmaking. The Lift-Off Network promotes up-and-coming voices and provides a space for collaboration and support towards the next step. The Network believes that indie film matters, storytelling can change the world & emerging artists need support to develop creatively, foster new connections and reach global audiences.

The short film EATING POPCORN has been uploaded to their platform in preparation for screening in their festival. Further news to follow...

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