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Eating Popcorn has been selected for the London Lift-Off Film Festival!

I am so happy that the second Lift-Off festival that EATING POPCORN was entered in - London - has also become an official Selection!

There are two judging rounds before Official Selections are allocated. In the first round, the Official Judging Panel reviews the submissions & assesses them across ten categories. The categories considered are: Originality / Creativity, Direction, Writing, Cinematography, Performances, Production Value, Pacing, Structure, Sound & Music. Round 2 places the projects into the Official Selection online programmes.

During the festival, the Official Selections are again reviewed by the Judging Panel whilst also receiving votes from the attending audiences throughout the festival. After the festival closes, the weighted scores are combined, and the top-scoring films are promoted into the internal Network Round. The Network Round is hosted on the Lift-Off Network Hub, where the Lift-Off Jury and Network Hub Members score the films once again and vote for the winners.

EATING POPCORN has passed the first round and is being considered in two categories - for Best Short Action Narrative Film and for Best Leading Actor.

Further details of the festival and results to follow...


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