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Social Media Comedy Sketches!

Back in December 2019, I auditioned for a project with award winning director Simon Levene and in January was confirmed as being on the short list for the project. We had a great time developing a character and backstories for my role within the project, and I spent the beginning of the year liaising with Simon over the character.

With the Covid-19 pandemic developing and then the subsequent lockdown, getting together with a film crew for this project was put on hold; however, Simon wanted to use the characters that he'd found for a spinoff series of comedy sketches in the meantime, to bring some fun and laughter to everyone stuck at home, and we've been remotely filming these clips under the direction of Simon.

My sketch shows Holly, a man-eating cougar, whose contribution to society during the current climate is to share her vast experience with men to inspire women to continue dating; however, lockdown lounging, alcohol and contradictions make this a hilarious situation as Holly presents to her new-found world-wide audience!


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